Contact the Goodman Youth Farm

We would love to hear from you. If you have questions, feedback, or a story to tell, please contact our Farm Manger, Jennica Skoug at or 608-957-4406.  


Goodman Youth Farm: 5017 Sudbury Way, Madison, WI 53714

Please note that the Youth Farm is located on land near Kennedy Elementary on Madison's east side - not at Troy Gardens.


Driving from Downtown Madison: Take E. Washington Ave/151 north, toward Sun Prairie. Turn right (east) on Milwaukee Ave. Continue on Milwaukee Ave about one mile past Highway 51. Turn right on Lamplighter Way. You will see the green Goodman Youth Farm sign as the road curves left onto Sudbury Way. Parking is on the street.  

Special Note for Busses: After dropping students off at the green sign, you may continue to park on the street if you wish. To exit the neighborhood, continue straight on Sudbury Way, and take the next two left hand turns onto Coach House Dr and Hackney Way. Turn right on Lamplighter Way to return to Milwaukee Avenue. You are welcome to join the students on the farm if you like - we have a shaded area with picnic tables, and there is a park nearby. 

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Biking directions from downtown Madison: 

  • From the Capitol square, head down Wilson St. to Willy St., and pick up the Capitol City Trail at Riverside Drive. You will ride past the back side of Olbrich Botanical Gardens and over a small bridge. 
  • Left on Walter St.
  • Right on Dawes St.
  • Left on Buckingham Lane (right before Dawes dead ends). Now you're on a bike path in Eastmorland Park. Just keep heading to your right out of the park, and you'll see a bike path bridge across Highway 51. Cross it.
  • Continue straight on Portland Parkway.
  • Slight right on Diamond Drive
  • Right on Crystal Lane
  • First left on Acewood Blvd (curves right)
  • Left on Flint
  • Left on Meadowlark. You'll see Kennedy Elementary here. Look out for cars - busy intersection at school pick up and drop off times. 
  • Right on Ralph Circle. At the end of the caul-de-sac, there is a little sidewalk in between two houses that leads to a green space up a little hill. Congratulations, you are at the Youth Farm! There is a bike rack near the shed, to the right. 

Directions to the Youth Farm by city bus, from downtown Madison:

  • From the corner of East Washington Ave and Webster, take the #15 bus toward the East Transfer Point. This bus makes frequent stops along E. Washington and Milwaukee Ave.
  • You will stop at the East Tranfer point. Stay on the same bus (becomes #35). Exit the bus at Milwaukee and Milo. Continue on foot 3 blocks east on Milwaukee Ave. Turn right on Lamplighter Way. Where the road curves left, you will see a green sign and large green space. You are at the Youth Farm!
  • Note: several other bus routes also run between downtown and the Youth Farm. Check Google Maps for additional routes and times. Commute time is about 40 minutes.