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Since it's debut in 2010 Growing Minds has made a positive impact on over 130 Wisconsin educators. Take a look at some of their experiences, and read what they had to say about the course!


On What They Learned

"I continue to reflect on all the great things I learned this summer at the school garden training – it is absolutely the best training I have been to…I have shared so much of what I learned and I continue to talk positively about the experience. I would jump at the opportunity to come back!"

“I learned a lot about how gardens can serve as outdoor classrooms. I have been exposed to this notion from our own school garden, but I hadn’t delved nearly as deep into the possibilities and options that an outdoor classroom can create.” 

"I learned so many grandeous things, and small things, to take with me to expand a kids garden into our existing Service Learning Garden. I feel I have the tools to share why and how to go about presenting it to my principal and getting him on board to the many benefit of a kids garden addition to our school!"

"The practical skills I learned will help me teach students more curriculum content when planning, planting, and harvesting our garden."

“I am considerably more confident in my ability to construct a comprehensive garden layout that can accommodate multiple classrooms of students at the same time while providing multiple different types of learning. ”


On the Class Experience

"I wish all staff at our school would take this nice to attend a meaningful and motivational class!"

"It was wonderful to be with such knowledgeable, caring and amazing educators who struggle with the same challenges, and sharing how to overcome these to promote change."

“I loved that the class took place in the gardens. I enjoyed having access to so many knowledgeable experts. The class allowed space for authentic discussion and well as hands-on experience.”

"It was hands-on, active, practical, edible, and inspiring.”

“The passion and energy of being around like-minded educators was so invigorating and refreshing!”


Would you recommend this course to other educators?

“Absolutely. Such a positive, empowering, therapeutic way to collaborate and learn.”

“It’s fantastic for beginning and experienced gardeners!”

“Yes. It gave a great base of gardening as well as a place to feel safe to ask questions that we have been trying to figure out.”

“I think every educator should be encouraged to take this course.”

“It was by far the best course I’ve taken.”

“I feel that with everything we have learned, we are well-equipped to begin our adventure of a school garden.”

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