CSA Member Research: Implications - Why Does This Matter?

That’s Great, but So What?

Claire and some members.Photo by Willow Russell

Broadly, this research shows that CSA could be a facilitator for behavior change that benefits:

  • The environment by supporting organic agriculture and seasonal and vegetarian diets
  • Communities by supporting local farms and local economies
  • Society by promoting healthier lifestyles

Narrowly, this study provided information for Troy CSA and will hopefully help:

  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Promote strategies to hold on to members
  • Ultimately, move the farm towards economic sustainability

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This study included a detailed list of recommendations that were reviewed, mostly accepted, and in some cases, implemented by Claire Strader. These recommendations addressed any issues identified during the research and provided feedback on how to improve the CSA program for all its members. You can see a full list of the Recommendations.