CSA Member Research: Changes and Renewal - How It All Fits Together

In this study we discovered that there is not only a relationship between membership renewal and preferences, but there is also a relationship between membership renewal, preferences, and the presence of attitude and behavior changes. See the diagram below to get a sense of how this works. For clarity I have organized the participants in this study according to their preferences, attitudes and behaviors. See below for descriptions. [Note: If the diagram does not appear below, download the diagram as a PDF.]

A diagram showing how people's preferences and satisfaction affect their likelihood of renewing.

Descriptive Characteristics of the Member Categories Displayed Above:

Faithful Utilitarians

These are renewing members who get a lot of satisfaction from the produce itself, the benefits of pre-selected produce, etc. These members enjoy the sense of community, but are not necessarily actively engaged.

Engaged Believers

Renewing members who get a lot of satisfaction from the philosophical and social elements of CSA as it resonates with their values. These members are actively involved with the farm.

Working Utilitarians

Workershare members who get a lot of satisfaction from working on the farm.

Disappointed Self-Selectors

Former members who found that CSA did not meet their needs and have found that shopping at the farmers’ market or growing their own produce works better for them because they can choose their own vegetables.

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