Capitol Vegetable Garden

Community GroundWorks has designed and installed a 400 square foot demonstration vegetable garden at the State Capitol in Madison for the last five seasons.  The garden features attractive and easy to grow vegetables for the home garden and highlights popular vegetable varieties selected from our CSA farm. Each variety will be labeled and visitors will have a chance to watch the progress throughout the season.  The garden is located on the corner of the Capitol Square and King Street.

We hope that the vegetable garden will:

  1. demonstrate the tremendous possibilities of organic urban agriculture to the thousands of visitors who admire the Capitol grounds each season.
  2. inspire residents to cultivate their own vegetable gardens and introduce them to vegetables that are attractive and easy to grow.
  3. encourage healthy eating by highlighting fresh local produce.
  4. serve as a beautiful and compelling backdrop to the Dane County Farmers Market.

Produce from the garden will be donated to the Goodman Community Center Food Pantry.

Community GroundWorks installs and maintains the garden as a volunteer project - if you'd like to support the garden please consider making a donation to our organization here.