Apply for a Plot

Download the 2018 Garden Plot Application!

 Before Applying:
  1. Read the 2018 Information, Rules and Expectations
  2. View our 2018 Plot Monitoring Guidelines
  3. View the 2017 Garden Plot Map (if needed for reference on your application)
Registration Deadlines:
March 3rd – By mail
March 10th – In person at registration (see below)
2018 Registration:
Date: Saturday, March 10th
Time: 10am – noon (updates and announcements start at 10am)
Location: Lakeview Lutheran Church, 4001 Mandrake Rd., Madison

All new and returning gardeners are strongly encouraged to attend registration. During the event we’ll go over new rules and information and help you fill out your application. Blank applications will be available for you to fill out. If you cannot attend, you may submit your application via mail by Saturday, March 3rd (address on application). 

New Gardeners 

New gardeners at Troy are limited to one plot the first year. It is our mission to serve residents of the Northside. Given space limitations, we may give priority to new gardeners who live on the Northside or closest to the gardens. If you receive a plot, you will be notified via email or post card inviting you to our Opening Day event in April.

Returning Gardeners

All returning gardeners must submit an application each season. Returning gardeners may apply for one additional plot per year up to a total of four plots. You will be contacted prior to Opening Day (in April) with you plot number(s). Please DO NOT begin gardening until you receive your plot number(s).

Plot Assignment Rules
Applicants are assigned plots in the order listed below.
1. Returning gardeners applying for the same number of plots as last year (must be in
good standing).
2. New gardeners requesting a plot (assigned in order of applicant's proximity to Troy
Community Garden).
3. Returning gardeners requesting one extra plot. After being reassigned the same
number of plots you held last year (priority #1), we will consider additional plot requests
depending on availability.
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